b'Ask Us Anything: Frequently Asked QuestionsBIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOKCan I be part of my care? service line at the number on your prescription label.Yes, participating in your care is very important. The first If I am a Medicare Part D patient, what are mytime we talk with you, youll learn about our pharmacy. rights if a prescription is not covered (filled)Please spend time reviewing this booklet to learn whatunder my Medicare Part D Benefit?to expect during your treatment. You will also read about the importance of working together for the best healthRefer to the CMS 10147 form, at the website listed below:outcomes. https://www.cms.gov/regulations-and-guidancelegislation paperworkreductionactof1995pra-listing/cms-10147What is the Patient Management Program? How do I order a refill?The Patient Management Program is a program designedby our team of pharmacists and nurses to workYou can expect the pharmacy to contact you about your collaboratively with you and your physician to produce the refill. We will call you about a week before you are due to best outcomes for your therapy. By working as a team, we run out of medication. Our representatives may attempt can better manage your treatment plan and work through to contact you via text or voice call at all of the phone any side effects to determine the best path forward for you. numbers we have on record for you. Can I choose not to participate in the Patient If you have not received a call from the pharmacy Management Program? within 7 days of a refill need, you or an authorized You may choose to opt-out of the Patient Management representative may call us and place your refill order Program. We think it is a good idea for you to talk it over using the pharmacy number listed on your prescription with someone from our pharmacy team so you can choose label.the options that best fit your needs. Will my refills be automatically sent to me?Are there limitations to the Patient No, a representative will need to speak with you or an Management Program? authorized representative, and ask you a short series of The Patient Management Program: questions for the pharmacist to review. During this call well also check the day of the week youd prefer your refill does not replace the need to visit your physician forto arrive. The pharmacy can deliver your order to your scheduled appointments. Those visits are necessary sohome, office, or designated destination. The pharmacy also your doctor can continue to monitor your progress. can ship to third-party retail locations that offer drop-off oris not a guarantee that you will be cured or that youdelivery services for a selected shipping carrier.will not have side effects from the medication you areHow can I track my shipment?receiving, however, patients who are involved with theWe can send a shipment tracking number to your emailPatient Management Program may have improvedaddress. You can also contact the pharmacy number listed outcomes or reduced or better controlled side effects. on your prescription label for shipping questions. may not provide treatment for non-specialty medication needs. Do I need to be home to sign for my delivery?In addition, the pharmacist cannot make changes to yourMost insurance programs REQUIRE that you (or anyone prescription without the involvement of your physician. 18 years of age or older) sign for receipt of your package. If you are not going to be home, we can have the package How do I contact the Patient Management delivered to your workplace or another convenient Program team? location. If you would like the carrier to leave your You may reach the Patient Management Program customermedication at your door, we can enclose a delivery ticket 10 The BioPlus Family of Pharmacies'