b'FAQs (continued) BIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOKwith a self-addressed return envelope. This deliveryprescription label.ticket must be signed and returned to the office as proof of delivery. You also may e-sign the delivery ticketWhat happens if my prescription cannot through your digtal device, such as phone, computer,be filled?or tablet.If the pharmacy cannot fill your prescription, we will identify one that can. If you are a new patient, we will How do I pay for my medication? contact your prescribing office with that pharmacys Your co-pay or coinsurance is due each time you refillname and phone number. If you are an existing patient, your medication. The pharmacy accepts all major creditwe will call you with that information. cards as well as electronic checks.What happens if there is a delay receivingWho delivers my medications? my order?Deliveries will be sent by either UPS, Fedex, or otherThe pharmacy will contact you if your order is going to common carrier. be delayed. If we are informed of a delay, we will let you know the reason for the delay and discuss a resolution. What if my insurance changes? If you have a concern, you may call your pharmacy at If you receive any notification that your insurance has the number on your prescription label changed, been updated, or you receive a new ID card,please call the pharmacy as soon as possible to provideWhat happens if my medication is recalled bythe new information to one of our representatives. Thethe manufacturer?pharmacy will verify the new information in order toThe pharmacy will contact you by phone to discuss the update your account. recall and will give you instructions on how to handlethe recall.What if I have a question about my bill?If you have a question about your bill, please contact theWhat do I do if I have a question, concern, orpharmacy at the number on your prescription label. complaint?Please contact the pharmacy at the number on your What if I have a medication issue? (Examples:prescription label. an injection doesnt work properly, medication looks wrong or different, the label is wrong, etc.) How can I transfer my prescription to a different Call the pharmacy right away to let us know about anypharmacy?medication concerns as you may need to speak to oneIf you no longer want your prescription to be filled of our pharmacists. Many medications can be replacedthrough the BioPlus Family of Pharmacies, then by the manufacturer. After speaking with you, we canyou should contact the pharmacy number on your assess your individual situation for the best resolution.prescription label to initiate a prescription transfer. It will be helpful to have the contact information on hand What if I have a question about my medication orfor your desired new pharmacy.think my medication is affecting me negatively?If the symptoms you are experiencing are dangerous or life threatening, please call 911 immediately. All potential adverse effects or drug reactions should be reported to your physician and pharmacy. You can contact your pharmacy at the number on yourRev. 1/202411'