b'Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standards BIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOKNote: This is an abbreviated version of the supplier standards every Medicare DMEPOS (durable medical equipment, prosthetic, orthotics, and supplies) supplier must meet in order to obtain and retain their billing privileges. These standards, in their entirety, are listed in 42 C.F.R. 424.57(c).1. A supplier must be in compliance with all applicable Federal and state licensure and regulatoryrequirements.2. A supplier must provide complete and accurate information on the DMEPOS supplier application.Any changes to this information must be reported to the National Supplier Clearinghouse within 30 days. 3. A supplier must have an authorized individual (whose signature is binding) sign the enrollment application for billing privileges.4.A supplier must fill orders from its own inventory, or contract with other companies for the purchase of items necessary to fill orders. A supplier may not contract with any entity that is currently excluded from the Medicare program, any state healthcare programs, or any other Federal procurement or non-procurement programs.5. A supplier must advise beneficiaries that they may rent or purchase inexpensive or routinelypurchased durable medical equipment, and of the purchase option for capped rental equipment.6.A supplier must notify beneficiaries of warranty coverage and honor all warranties under applicable state law, and repair or replace free of charge Medicare covered items that are under warranty. 7. A supplier must maintain a physical facility on an appropriate site and must maintain a visible sign with posted hours of operation. The location must be accessible to the public and staffed during posted hours of business. The location must be at least 200 square feet and contain space for storing records.8. A supplier must permit CMS or its agents to conduct on-site inspections to ascertain the supplierscompliance with these standards.9. A supplier must maintain a primary business telephone listed under the name of the business ina local directory or a toll free number available through directory assistance. The exclusive use of a beeper, answering machine, answering service, or cell phone during posted business hours is prohibited.10. A supplier must have comprehensive liability insurance in the amount of at least $300,000 that covers both the suppliers place of business and all customers and employees of the supplier. If the supplier manufactures its own items, this insurance must also cover product liability and completed operations.11.A supplier is prohibited from direct solicitation to Medicare beneficiaries. For complete details onthis prohibition see 42 CFR424.57 (c) (11).12.A supplier is responsible for delivery of and must instruct beneficiaries on the use of Medicarecovered items, and maintain proof of delivery and beneficiary instruction.A supplier must answer questions and respond to complaints of beneficiaries, and maintain 13. documentation of such contacts.23'