b'BIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOK Get +SpetPOWER OFDear Patients and Families,Thank you for choosing the BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy, a Carelon company for your specialty medication. You are part of the BioPlus family, even if your pharmacy is one of the names listed below:BioPlus Specialty PharmacyMedScripts Medical PharmacyRiver Medical PharmacyRoute 300 PharmacySanta Barbara Specialty Pharmacy As a patient with the BioPlus family of pharmacies, you automatically receive the benefits of a patient journey, made just for you.Starting Your JourneyWhat we do for you: Were in this 2gether. We work closely with your doctors and nurses to build a care plan thats just right for you. When you fill your prescription(s) and manage your treatment with BioPlus, you receive many helpful benefits. They include:As a specialty pharmacy, BioPlus specializes in the medications you need to treat yourcomplex medical condition. Because we specialize in chronic and complex conditions, we only provide specialty medications. CLINICAL We give you education and support. Your journey starts with education and training about your therapy. We guide you through theSUPPORTimportance of taking your medications as prescribed and following24 / 7 / 365your doctors orders. Our clinical experts teach you about side effects, drug storage, dosing, injections, and muchBIOPLUS SP PHARMACY SVS LLCmore. Get clinical supportPHONE: (000) 000-0000 Rx#: 071010124-3476124 x 7 x 365 or ask aboutPHONE: (000) 000-0000 Filled on 12/12/23your refills by calling the phone number on yourCall this numberprescription label.Generic Name: SUNSCREENSLIPEX STCKTEST Qty. 1Caution: Federal law prohibits the NDC: 23558 - 0450 - 23 transfer of this drug for any person other than the person for whom it Filled by:DR. SMITH was prescribed.Rx#: 071010124-34761NDC: 23558 - 0450 - 23 FILLED BY:BIOPLUS SP PHARMACY4 The BioPlus Family of Pharmacies'