b'BIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOKTABLE OF CONTENTSGet to Know BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy + The Power of 2 .4 Starting Your Journey .4Were With You Every Step of the Way 5Working 2gether to Heal5Get More Through the Power of 2gether .6 Powered by the Carelon Family of Companies 6What is a Specialty Pharmacy? .7Eligibility for Service 7Payment Policy 7We Speak Your Language: Certified Translation Services 8Package Delivery Policy 9Ask Us Anything: Frequently Asked Questions 10Emergency Tips 12Smart & Safe Disposal .13Patient Rights and Responsibilities: You Have a Voice in Your Care 14Your Rights as a Patient 14Your Responsibilities as a Patient16Notice of Privacy Practice .17Summary 17Uses or Disclosures Required or Permitted 18Other Uses and Disclosure that Do Not Require Your Authorization .18Uses and Disclosure that Require Your Written Authorization .19Your Rights as a Patient to Privacy of Your Health Information.19Our Duties in Protecting Your Health Information 20Complaints, Contact Person(s), Effective Date(s), and Acknowledgment 21Privacy Notice for California Residents 21Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage and Your Rights 22Your Medicare Rights .22What You Need to Do .22PRA Disclosure Statement 22Medicare DMEPOS Supplier Standards 23Medicare Capped Rental 26Specialty Pharmacy Consent .27 Infusion Consent .29Assignment and Designation of Authorized Representative .30Patient Concern and Complaint Form 32Questions for my Healthcare Team .33My Treatment Goals .33Notes 34 Rev 01/20243'