b'BIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOKA supplier must maintain and replace at no charge or repair cost either directly, or through a 14. service contract with another company, any Medicare-covered items it has rented to beneficiaries.15.A supplier must accept returns of substandard (less than full quality for the particular item) orunsuitable items (inappropriate for the beneficiary at the time it was fitted and rented or sold) from beneficiaries.A supplier must disclose these standards to each beneficiary it supplies a Medicare-covered item.16.17. A supplier must disclose any person having ownership, financial, or control interest in the supplier. 18.A supplier must not convey or reassign a supplier number; i.e., the supplier may not sell or allow another entity to use its Medicare billing number.A supplier must have a complaint resolution protocol established to address beneficiary complaints 19.that relate to these standards. A record of these complaints must be maintained at the physical facility.Complaint records must include: The name, address, telephone number, and health insurance claim 20.number of the beneficiary, a summary of the complaint, and any actions taken to resolve it.21. A supplier must agree to furnish CMS any information required by the Medicare statute andregulations.22. All suppliers must be accredited by a CMS-approved accreditation organization in order to receive andretain a supplier billing number. The accreditation must indicate the specific products and services, for which the supplier is accredited in order for the supplier to receive payment for those specific products and services (except for certain exempt pharmaceuticals).23. All suppliers must notify their accreditation organization when a new DMEPOS location is opened.24. All supplier locations, whether owned or subcontracted, must meet the DMEPOS quality standardsand be separately accredited in order to bill Medicare.25. All suppliers must disclose upon enrollment all products and services, including the addition of newproduct lines for which they are seeking accreditation.26. A supplier must meet the surety bond requirements specified in 42 CFR424.57 (d).27. A supplier must obtain oxygen from a state-licensed oxygen supplier.28. A supplier must maintain ordering and referring documentation consistent with provisions found in42 CFR424.516(f).29. A supplier is prohibited from sharing a practice location with other Medicare providers and suppliers. 30. A supplier must remain open to the public for a minimum of 30 hours per week except physicians (as defined in section 1848(j) (3) of the Act) or physical and occupational therapists or a DMEPOS supplier working with custom made orthotics and prosthetics.DMEPOS suppliers have the option to disclose the following statement to satisfy the requirement outlined in Supplier Standard 16 in lieu of providing a copy of the standards to the beneficiary.The products and/or services provided to you by BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy and its affiliates are subject to the supplier standards contained in the Federal regulations shown at 42 Code of Federal Regulations Section 424.57(c). These standards concern business professional and operational matters (e.g., honoring warranties and hours of operation). The full text of these standards can be obtained at http://www.ecfr.gov. Upon request we will furnish you a written copy of the standards.24 The BioPlus Family of Pharmacies'