b'BIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOK Plan 2gether in 3 StepsEmergency Preparedness TipsIt is important to develop an emergency plan before disaster strikes. It is especially important for people with medical concerns to have a plan in place in order to ensure that the same level of care is maintained in the event of a disaster. The pharmacy has developed a checklist to help you and your family be prepared. During an emergency, such as a major storm or other catastrophic event that could affect your medication deliveries:Listen: To local radio and TV stations for emergency broadcast services and followtheir instructions.Contact: The power company if you have home health equipment that plugs in. Ask to beadded to the priority list for power or a generator so your equipment will continue to work during a power outage.Contact: The telephone company to put you on the Essential User Lists so you can keep in touch with your healthcare providers.Miscellaneous: Keep a cooler of ice on hand. If the power is out and the inside of yourrefrigerator warms up, medications should instead be stored in the cooler.Stock up on canned goods and nonperishable foods.Know where your water and gas shut-off valves are located.Know the elevation of your property and where your homeowner papers are located.Stay Ahead of Therapy InterruptionsCall the pharmacy number listed on your prescription label if you need to leave your home during a disaster and let us know where to deliver your medication so your therapy can continue,1. Be Informeduninterrupted.2. Make a PlanRev. 1/20243. Call Your Pharmacy 12 The BioPlus Family of Pharmacies'