b'YOUR RIGHTS BIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOKBIOPLUS SPECIALTY PHARMACY PATIENT GUIDEBOOK14.Receive training in the prescribed therapy. The reason for its use, and any possible side effectsrelated to the use of drugs, supplies, and equipment will be explained. Written instructions,demonstrations, and supervision by a registered nurse will be provided, until you are able torepeat the required tasks safely. 15.Receive supplies and equipment delivered at a time that is mutually acceptable to you and thePharmacy.16.Speak with a health professional. To access the Pharmacy staff as needed. Ongoing care includesboth direct and indirect care by staff experienced in the therapy you receive. This includes 24-hour access to nursing staff and/or pharmacy staff.17.Have personal health information shared with the Patient Management Program only inaccordance with state and Federal law.18.Expect privacy including confidential handling of all your medical records and to refuse releaseof records to any individual outside the company, except in the case of transfer to another healthfacility, and as otherwise provided by law, third-party payer contract, or as described in theNotice of Privacy Practices.19.Refuse treatment, to the extent permitted by law, after being fully informed of the results of sucha decision.20.Lodge a complaint to the pharmacist about any concern, treatment, or care and expect ananswer to any complaints or concerns you discuss with the company within the time framerequired by the carrier, but not more than 5 business days following the complaint without concern of discrimination, interference, coercion, or reprisal. If after continued discussion youare still not satisfied, your paperwork lists several applicable hotlines that are available to lodge acomplaint or start an investigation.21.Receive information on the proper use and storage of your prescription medication.22. Receive instruction of drug recalls.23.Be fully informed of your responsibilities.24.Receive instruction on how to receive medication during a disaster or if a delay occurs.25.Formulate an Advanced Directive according to state law.26.Have any person of your choosing be a part of the pharmacy consultation or care planning.27.These rights pertain to the legal guardian if the patient is legally incompetent or a minor,according to state law.15 18'